Casa Grande Sign History

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Local Sign Landmarks

Commercial Signage in Casa Grande, Arizona
Survey Period  1879 – 1970

Casa Grande’s commercial signage is a product of its economic development.  Understanding the city’s growth is necessary to evaluate the current assemblage of historic signs.  The community’s history links the commercial signs to the business environment that produced these outdoor advertisements.

In 2016,  we were considered a pacesetter in the State of Arizona when the Casa Grande Historic Preservation Commission received a CLG grant to survey the historic context of its signs.  The result of that survey determined which signs were eligible as a local sign landmark. In 2016, 81 signs were surveyed and 32 were determined eligible.  The designation process began.  As of June 5, 2023 11 have been designated as a Local Sign Landmark.

Grande Central Station, Inc. is partnering with the city to continue the effort of local sign landmark designations.

We are excited to have the Valley Pump & Machine Works signs that are painted on the building as a recent addition to the list. Gallo Construction, Inc., property owners, have plans to further create a Roadside Attraction on this property located at 701 W. 2nd Street.

As you scroll down the page each of the sign landmarks are featured. The individual photo is attached and the narrative is below.


Valley Pump And Machine Works

The Valley Pump and Machine Works signs have been in its existing location since 1937. The signs are hand-painted on corrugated siding and are unique to Casa Grande. The owner has sealed this historic sign landmark to preserve the signs for the community to enjoy.

Dairy Queen

The downtown Dairy Queen sign and reader board was saved from removal at a time when corporate efforts were being made to change the branding of all Dairy Queen locations across the country to Grill & Chill.  This was a tremendous Preservation Commission success and was accomplished with the cooperation of the Dairy Queen owner, Jeff Trendler.

Silver Bullet

During the time we were saving the Dairy Queen sign we weren’t as lucky with the Silver Bullet. A scout came to town, spotted the sign, the property was in receivership and Great Western Bank sold this Pedro Guerrero, Gerrero-Lindsey Sign Co, designed sign for $2,000. It’s currently in Ankeny, Iowa.

Cougar Stadium sign
(Circa 1960)

Located in Carr McNatt Park.  During the 2019 park improvements, the City acknowledged their support for Historic Preservation efforts when they repainted and relocated within the park this novelty designed scoreboard.

Arizona Savings & Loan/Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc.

This curvilinear amoeba shaped sign was installed in 1955 on Second Street (Hwy. 84) for Arizona Savings and Loan.  The original panels were changed and the neon removed in 1962 to reflect a new and the current owner, Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc.

Jewel’s Desert Sands

This sign was installed Circa 1955 by A & A Sign Company of Phoenix.  The sign is a prominent feature along the Pinal Avenue corridor and has been proudly owned and maintained by the current owner since he bought the business in 1982.

Sophia’s Mexican Kitchen at the historic Johnston Grocery Store

Located at The Landmark, an adobe building built in 1907 at Picacho St. & 3rd St.,  is a 1960 sign by Pedro Guerrero, Guerrero-Lindsey Sign Co.  This designer’s work significantly influenced an age.  It’s been dark since the 1980’s just waiting to be restored.

Kiwanis Metal Emblem

The Kiwanis Club of Casa Grande started in 1949 with 34 members and a project to build a baseball park on unimproved Casa Grande Union High School property.  The ball park opened in March 1950 and was named Kiwanis Field in 1956.  The emblem was moved to the baseball diamond fence during the renovation of Carr McNatt Park in 2019

Elk’s Lodge

Elk’s Lodge #1957 has four signs that have been in existence since 1957.  They were all listed as a result of the enthusiasm of a couple of Elk’s members who were proud to have their signs recognized as a Local Sign Landmark.  The Elk’s Lodge is located on Florence Boulevard, a main thoroughfare, and is tied to the social history of Casa Grande.

1 Sign on the western trading post

3rd St. and Florence St.
Lighting Ceremony was October 13th, 2017

The Sunset Court sign was often mentioned as the domino for the Neon Sign Park.

Paramount Theatre Marquee

Located at 420 N. Florence St.
Eligible as a Local Sign Landmark

14 signs in the Neon Sign Park

Outdoor Sign Park Museum
(Opened April 13th, 2019)

2 Old Town/Market Central Signs

On Florence St. between 3rd and 4th Streets